Leasedline Service
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icon_DVLEASED LINE is a telecommunications line with high speed Internet access which has symmetric ratio of 1:1 transferred through private channel by cooper or fiber. This line is connected between NetNam and customer’s address and comes up to every demand of Internet access speed, from 64Kbps to 1Gbps.

Leased line has a special feature of private connection for each customer which provides a highly stable, reliable, always-on, fixed and secured service.

Because the connection of this customer does not carry anybody else’s communication, leased line can assure a given level of quality.


Leased line service is often used by big enterprises and organizations which have a wide network and use multi-services. These customers often need a private line at high access speed and the best technical support.


• Local Area Network (LAN)

• Server

• Router

• High speed modem (NTU, HTU) – deployed on the cooper cable infrastructure

• Fmux, high-speed modem with optical interface – deployed on the optic fiber cable infrastructure


- Unlimited speed: Internet access speed is provided at any customer’s requirement, from 64Kps to 1 Gbps.

- Stability: Symmetric technology with the ratio of 1:1 allows a reliable and always-on Internet

- High security: The feature of private line helps decrease attacks and intrusions into customer’s data network via the Internet.

- Multi-services using: With a range of static IP provided, customers can use high applications such as: Video conference, IP phone, Website Server, Email Server, VPN …

- Reserved connection plan: When provides private line, NetNam also provides ADSL as a reserved connection plan to guarantee 24/24 stability of Internet Access.

- Line monitoring system: This system will check the transferring process after every 5 minutes- 24/24 and has an alarm mechanism in necessary cases.

- Technical Support: There is a special staff with high-skills and experiences to support for the customers using NetNam leased line service.


For more information about this service, please kindly contact us:

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